Stay Connected While Traveling

How One Phone Carrier is Changing the Way we Stay Connected While Traveling

I've had T-Mobile as my phone carrier for as long as I can remember. In recent years, they've added some features that are very useful for someone who travels. I've personally used these features and definitely recommend their services. 

Ever went on vacation and used your phone? Didn't expect what you saw on your bill?

Don't worry, many have made that mistake. T-Mobile has a fix for that.

Their Simple Choice and T-MobileONE plans allow customers to call, text, and surf the web in Mexico and Canada like they do in the U.S. with 4G LTE. You'll also receive unlimited data and texting in 95% of the places you travel most - 140+ countries and destinations around the globe. Calls from Simple Global countries over Wi-Fi are $.20/min; No charge for Wi-Fi calls to US, Mexico and Canada.

I'm not promoting the use of cell phones on vacation. Take a break from Facebook and Instagram and enjoy the experience. However, it's nice to have the option for the occasional use or as a means to keep in touch with loved ones. 

Click here to see if the country you're traveling to is covered. I've personally used their services in Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica; It worked great. I was even able to connect to my Google Maps in Costa Rica, to use GPS, to get from San Jose to La Fortuna. That was one less charge to pay for with the car rental company. 

You can also check out discounted rates for cruise travel by entering the name of your ship.

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Another reason T-Mobile is great for the frequent traveler is that they offer FREE in flight Wi-Fi for an hour, plus unlimited in flight texting (including free in-flight messaging with iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Viber), picture messaging, and access to T-Mobile® Visual Voicemail on Gogo®-equipped domestic flights. Click here to see a list of supported airlines and devices.

I know T-Mobile is not an option for everyone. If it's not, there are other options to stay connected; but if it is, I can personally vouch that it is a reliable and convenient option to stay connected while traveling. 

Until next time, safe travels!