Cancun, Mexico - Things to Do

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Were you intrigued after my Cancun Getaway Blog? You really could just spend the weekend lounging around at the resort. The time can quite easily be filled up with swimming, sunbathing, eating, enjoying the resorts activities, napping, eating some more and drinking. However, if you're like me who likes to adventure outside and explore the destination, then here are a few suggestions:

Go Shopping

La Isla Shopping Village is my favorite place in Cancun to shop or spend a few hours walking around. It even has an aquarium on site and many restaurants. This big outdoor shopping plaza is located directly on the Hotel Zone. Depending on which resort you're staying at, it may be in walking distance. If not, La Isla is very accessible by the bus that runs up and down the Hotel Zone all day. The buses are safe and inexpensive, less than a dollar US per trip.

Visit Isla Mujeres

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This 4.3 mile small island is located off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The trip takes about 40 minutes aboard the Ultramar Ferry, which departs from the Hotel Zone almost every hour.

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There's plenty to fill a day with. I rented a golf cart right outside the pier and circled the whole island. There are a variety of cuisines to try. I parked my golf cart outside Poc-Chuc and had delicious local tacos. You can also spend a day on the beach, swim with dolphins, snorkel, scuba dive, shop for local crafts, visit the sea turtles rehab facility, or just simply drive around the island and take in the views.

See Chichen Itza

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Who said you had to go to Egypt to see a pyramid? Approximately 2 ½ hours from Cancun's Hotel Zone, Chichen Itza was elected one of the new seven wonders of the world in 2007. It is one of the largest Mayan sites, covering 1.9 sq. miles. It includes El Castillo (the pyramid shown above), the Great Ball Court and other structures. Having done this myself, I can say it's worth every penny. It's one of those moments that changes your perspective of life on earth. 
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You can book a day trip through your hotel or on Viator, which will more likely be the cheaper option. No matter where you book it, the tour is the exact same. A motor coach will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. You'll stop at the Sacred Cenote, where you have the option of swimming. Then you'll enjoy a traditional Mayan buffet lunch while watching a traditional dance. Afterwards, the highlight of the trip will be touring the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, before returning to your hotel.

Treat Yourself to a Fish Spa

Fish Spa treatments are very popular in Mexico. You can find these spas in the resorts, malls, and even the departure terminal of the airport. This unique spa experience uses Garra Rufa fish to mirco massage the feet. The fish target reflexology points in the feet, by repeating a gentle suction, to create a sense of relaxation.  Personally, it didn't relax me.  I first felt a sense of nervousness, then excitement, then happiness, with lots of laughter.  It's a lot of fun, so I recommend it and would definitely do it again.  Here are some pictures from my Fish Spa treatment.


These are my personal recommendations based on what I've done, but there's plenty more to see and do. That's one of the reasons I keep going back. So check it out and see for yourself! 

Until next time...Safe travels!!